Top 10 Reasons to work with TRASIAN Manufacturing


Finding the best suited factory for your manufacturing or product design project in China or Taiwan can be a painful and even a mind boggling experience. You hear a lot of horror stories from outsiders who have tried to source and manufacture products in China on their own from a remote location, and with good reason. Reality is that there is a huge difference on how business is conducted in China, what’s considered ethical or unethical, the role of government and the overall business environment. Not to mention, geographical, time, language, and cultural barriers compound the difficulties.

By having local offices and understanding these differences and being familiar with the manufacturing environment in China, TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd is able to greatly reduce and prevent potential conflicts and problems, especially quality consistency related problems. Here is a list of the TOP 10 reasons you should seriously consider working with TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd:

1. Problem: Fake Factories

Websites like allow you to find Asian factories online. There are major issues with this approach: 1) You never know if the factories listed are real since many of them are not actual factories but instead trading companies with higher markups. 2) The factories listed on sites like Alibaba may be fake all together. We have heard many horror stories from purchasing managers who sent down-payments to factories they found online just to find out that they closed their accounts shortly after receiving down-payments, never to be heard from again. This really happens!


Working with TRASIAN alleviates those issues; we always verify that the factories we deal with are well-established and reputable, large enough for your production needs, and that they are not trading companies.

2. Problem: Limited Choice

There are thousands of factories in Asia, and most of them do not advertise their existence online. Typically only larger factories list their services and products online and those factories are typically much busier and more expensive, meaning they cannot give you the proper attention you deserve or may not even take on your project at all below a high MOQ.


TRASIAN’s expertise and advanced local resources enables us to identify factories in your specific product segment that are most suitable for your particular needs and quality requirements. Our customers worldwide have come to appreciate TRASIAN’s ability to improve on existing quotes and to ensure that those factories represent the optimal choice from a quality/cost point of view. If they don’t, TRASIAN is your best resource to find the most suitable factories for you needs.

3. Problem: Communication Issues

Even today, Asian manufacturers rarely understand English well enough to fully grasp your particular needs. Most of our customers have at one point or another received shipments that didn’t meet the requirements they thought had been communicated properly to the factory. Language barriers between Asia and the rest of the world have caused purchasing managers tons of headaches and monetary losses over the years because they don’t speak the local language. This is especially true when customizing products.


TRASIAN’s mission is to guarantee that your specific needs and requirements are properly communicated to factory owners to ensure that you will never encounter bad shipments.

4. Problem: Disadvantage as a Foreigner

When you call Asia as a foreigner, you are immediately at a disadvantage when negotiating pricing at the manufacturing level. Asians perceive Westerners to be wealthy and they will attempt to charge you as much as possible for your production needs.


By letting TRASIAN represent your best interests, we will negotiate on your behalf in the local languages to ensure the best possible production quotes, which we will extend onto you. Even though we charge a margin for our services, the final prices we quote to our customers are usually lower than what they were able to negotiate on their own.

5. Problem: Quality Issues

Cheaper production has been historically associated with low quality production. The perception that Asian manufacturers produce low-quality products remains the biggest problem we have to overcome. In reality, Asian manufacturers produce some of the best quality products, just think of the Apple iPhone for example. However, there are still too many factories in Asia who do not produce high quality products and purchasing managers fall victim to those low standards.


TRASIAN achieves expected quality levels by only selecting well established factories and implementing our proven quality control procedures. Our customers rely on our multilingual staff (10+ languages) to assist them in properly communicating and custom producing to their exact specifications and expectations. In order to do so, it is crucial to have a local presence in Asia year-round and to send TRASIAN employees to the factories when production runs start and finish. Please visit the Procedures section on our website for more details.

6. Problem: Priority Issues

When you order from an Asian factory it is not uncommon for your order to be sidelined in favor of someone else’s “larger order”, resulting in late shipments and deliveries.


As mentioned above, we always send TRASIAN employees to the factory floor when we receive your order to ensure that production delays are avoided and more importantly to compare the production samples with the original samples you approved. Factory owners are much more responsive to our needs when they see that we are onsite and committed towards our customer’s best interests.

7. Problem: Shipping Overcharges

It is not uncommon for Asian factories to quote you unusually low production prices in order to win your business over competitive factories. However, when it comes to shipping your order they will mark up shipping costs dramatically to make up the difference.


TRASIAN looks out for your best interest always! We never charge our customers more than actual shipping costs and we are willing to substantiate our claim with actual shipping documents and original quotes. Some of our customers have experienced over 100% savings in shipping costs when using TRASIAN.

8. Problem: Failed Shipping Logistics

Even if everything went well during production, purchasing managers experience failed shipments when goods arrive damaged. This can be the result of flimsy boxes, inadequate packaging, or using inexperienced shipping companies. Not to mention inadequate labeling and skidding problems. Even if you can get insurance to pay for it, you are still missing sellable merchandise, hence you are losing money while the products are being remade.


Our experience shipping worldwide has served us well to handle all your shipping logistics and ensure safe deliveries of your products, if desired, all the way to you door step. We always strive to find cheaper rates from reputable carriers for our customers. Our shipping experts will gladly advise you about best shipping practices and import/export procedures. We do all the work for you!

9. Problem: Lack of Recourse

What happens when a quality issue arises that could not have been tested for during our stringent quality control procedures (for example: quality issues arising from continuous product usage over time). The factory has been paid and your products are already on retail shelves. If you work with Asian manufacturers from a remote location, there is a high probability that the manufacturer will refuse to remake the defective products. Be aware that most Asian countries have not yet implemented a reliable and “fair” legal system that we are used to in the Western Hemisphere. Factories are often willing to walk away from future business with you rather than having to pay for replacements that are defective.


TRASIAN’s local presence and established relationships with many factories dramatically improves conflict resolutions. Since we order on a regular basis from them for multiple customers, the factory owners take us more seriously in an attempt to keep us satisfied. We stand behind the products we manufacture and are known for our 100% customer satisfaction track record. We work for you and represent your interests, always.

10. Problem: Loss of Intellectual Property

Inventors approach us on a regular bases with their requirements to manufacture their inventions at the lowest possible cost in Asia. Their main concern relates to the potential loss of their intellectual property, fearing that Asian manufacturers will copy their ideas and propagate their product worldwide with impunity.


TRASIAN has developed a method to ensure that this doesn’t happen by separating an invention into its individual components and assigning each component to different manufacturers that do not know each other. We then assemble and package the final product in-house, at our warehouse, for final QC and shipment. This way we greatly diminish the risk of losing control over our customer’s intellectual property.

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