SnoreRest Pillow Invention – Distributors needed

TRASIAN Manufacturing is proud to present an innovative patent pending invention (US Patent: 61636437) called the SnoreRest pillow. SnoreRest is a proven remedy against snoring without requiring mouth inserts, pills or other methods that don’t work (see testimonials below). We have been working on this product design with the inventor for over a year and we are happy to announce that TRASIAN is the exclusive manufacturer for this invention. This high quality product is available as a deluxe memory foam pillow and inflatable travel edition.

Distribution Opportunity

The inventor is focusing on distributing this product in the United States and Canada and has authorized TRASIAN to assist with worldwide distribution in all other countries. As of today, we are seeking serious distributors with the ability to efficiently introduce SnoreRest into their respective local markets. The MOQ consists of 1000 pieces and samples are available for a fee.


As a busy plastic surgeon here in Northern California, I have to be at my best when performing procedures on patients. I was stunned when my own personal physician gave me the results of my sleep study. I discovered that I have borderline sleep apnea, unknowingly waking up many times per night. My wife says I woke us both up with snore sounds reminiscent of a freight train! SnoreRest, an amazingly simple yet elegant design, has saved me. Not only do I rest quietly now all night, but I actually feel
more energy all day. I have lost weight and look forward to each and every day with a new perspective. Thank you SnoreRest!

Howard Sutkin, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Board Certified in Plastic Surgery
Volunteer Clinical Faculty – Stanford University

As a surgeon who has performed thousands of procedures on obese patients and personally familiar with snoring and sleep apnea, SnoreRestÔ is the most effective solution to problem snoring available today. Our research has determined the elevation element used by SnoreRest also reduces Apnea related episodes in patients. I firmly believe SnoreRest will soon be the gold standard for patients who snore and non compliant CPAP patients.
Dr. Sean Parsa, M.D.



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