About Us

“Our Mission is to lower your product development, prototyping, and manufacturing costs in China and Taiwan while eliminating all associated risks“

TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd’s mission is to help inventors and corporations reduce costs associated with custom product design (CAD), prototype engineering, prototype manufacturing and manufacturing services in China and Taiwan. We offer a comprehensive range of product development, prototyping and contract manufacturing services across a broad spectrum of consumer goods and electronics. Our emphasis is on invention manufacturing but also on assisting companies lower production costs of existing inventory products.

Our FREE initial consultation gives you access to our manufacturing experts who will answer any questions related to product manufacturing. We are versed in all major manufacturing processes, including all types of consumer products, electronics, heavy industrial, construction material, furniture, toys, and textiles.

TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd is one of very few manufacturing companies incorporated in both the United States and China offering a full range of risk-free manufacturing services. We are headquartered in China and our marketing offices are located in the United States, France, and Brazil. We are ideally suited for those who understand how important it is to avoid working with a manufacturing agent solely located in China, where legal recourse is not an option.

We differentiate ourselves from our competition by offering refundable project fees, unparalleled technical knowledge and service in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. Our multi-lingual staff looks forward to serving you.

TRASIAN Manufacturing is a perfect match if you…

  • are looking for a reliable product development, prototyping, manufacturing, and quality assurance partner located in China
  • need help identifying the best suited “Best Fit” manufacturer for your specific needs
  • need to custom design your own product/invention and packaging
  • require product prototypes
  • require rapid prototyping
  • want to avoid any details from being lost in translation
  • strive for 100% product quality conformity & consistency
  • need on-site quality assurance
  • require product testing (for example CPSIA conformity testing)
  • require certain IEEE Manufacturing Standards adherence
  • do not want to take the risk sending money directly to unknown entities in China or Taiwan
  • need a supply chain management partner in China
  • need assistance with bulk sourcing projects
  • wish to lower your shipping costs
  • want to eliminate most risks typically encountered when doing business with China or Taiwan

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